You learn something every day! Very educational session with my interior design team today. In discussing the suitability of various fabrics for a new great room couch, they told me about the “Wyzenbeek Double-Rub” test.

If you are into home decor, you probably have already heard of it. I was fascinated by their description of how a machine rubs a piece of fabric first one way, and then the other, simulating everyday usage such as having people sit on a couch with that fabric as many as 100,000 times.

It measures abrasion.

Eureka! That’s the answer for all these snarky politicians in Washington, D.C., who refuse to fix our health insurance mess, and also for the nasty media types fanning the flames of conflict in order to get ratings, instead of simply reporting the news. They are all super abrasive. I would like to see them all placed in that machine, and given a good, strong double-rub about 100,000 times.

Something tells me our President would have the highest Wyzenbeek rating of all. Come to think of it, he may BE the human equivalent of a Wyzenbeek machine!

By Susan Darst Williams | | © 2017