My favorite grocery store cashier was telling me about a wonderful road trip to Montana that she took years ago with “the girls.” A friend’s mother had become a forest ranger in the mountains of Montana. So the four women in their 20s drove out there to stay in the family’s cabin with 360-degree wraparound views.

“Oh, my gosh,” I exclaimed. “I have heard the scenery in Montana is breathtaking. Glacier! Yellowstone! It is definitely on my bucket list.”

She started laughing, and told me why:

“Yes, I’ll say the scenery is memorable in Montana. When we were driving home from that trip, we came around a corner, still in the mountains, and there were a whole bunch of people and cars off to the side of the road. There on the mountainside was A NAKED MAN!

“It turned out it was a photo shoot for Playgirl Magazine.

“We slowed down to, like, 1 mph, and gaped and stared. It’s just lucky we didn’t get rear-ended. We laughed about it all the way home.”

Well! That puts Montana sightseeing even higher on my bucket list!!!


By Susan Darst Williams | | Travel Bug | © 2017