Last night, after a cool and windy day, my darling neighbor and I were transplanting some lovely variegated hosta from her yard into our neighborhood pond area. We were working under some ancient cottonwoods, transforming the berm underneath them from a weedy mess into a gracious wonderland.

Along came three ladies on a walking jaunt. We exchanged greetings and went back to our gardening.


Down came a huge cottonwood limb onto the street between us and the three walkers. Miraculously, no one was hurt and the limb even missed the white fencing. The ladies strained to push the foot-wide limb over to the side of the road. We all exclaimed that someone right under that limb would have been killed.

Well, this morning, I was over to babysit The Precious, and told my daughter and son-in-law about the incident. “We were so lucky that it didn’t come down right on our heads!” I shivered.

My son-in-law summed it up perfectly: “Both craniums and geraniums escaped unscathed.”

He’s a crack-up.

By Susan Darst Williams | | Family Funnies | © 2017