I was honored to be asked to go to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln today to help judge a contest. In it, students from eastern Nebraska high schools who are aspiring to become teachers each created a storybook for preschoolers. They presented their books to the judges today and were scored on the writing, illustration, presentation, and much more.

It was an all-day affair but the time flew by. Every single one of the students was delightful, enthusiastic, creative, intelligent and just so fresh-faced.

One boy got a shock, though. His story was about bullying. He chose to name the bad guy, a fox, “Donald.”

When he read that name, he looked at me expectantly. I gathered that the educators who regularly come in contact with him tend to be fairly left-wing and negatory on our new President Trump.

As he paused, expecting me to laugh, I said, soberly and straight-faced, “I’m sorry you picked that name for the bully. That was my father’s name.” (Which is true)

The teen’s face turned beet-red.

I continued, “It’s also the name of our new President. I am a conservative Republican, and I voted for Donald Trump.”

The teen’s face now went DEFCOM red. Oops! Not politically correct with this judge! He edged around as if he wanted to flee.

“Oh, I’m just totally kidding,” I assured him. Whew! “I would never downgrade you for something like that. I think it’s very funny! But you have to think about the associations your readers will make when you name your characters. . . .”

And off we went on a constructive conversation about selecting names for characters for the very best effect . . . on preschool children as well as crusty old Republican judges!

By Susan Darst Williams | www.TheDailySusan.com | Family Funnies | © 2017