Here’s a good lesson on not jumping to conclusions and getting into a sour mood too quickly. The antidote? A little help from your friends:

I was pouting about a quote that came in for a home improvement project that was more than twice as much as expected.

I was fretting about a loved one who was in tears on the phone over extreme pain.

And I was grumped out over the nasty fighting going on among our political leaders in Washington while the national debt mounts and the economy creeps. “I’ll poke YOU in the eye! Take that!” “Oh, yeah? Well, I’ll poke YOU in the eye! How do you like THAT?!?”

What a world. What a lousy world.

Oh, yeah? Well, how do you like THIS:

— The window washing crew offered to also power-wash our barn at a very reasonable price, probably because the crew chief has been my friend for nearly 20 years.

— Same crew offered to spread the half-trailer load of mulch that had been sitting in my driveway for eons, also at a reasonable price, sparing me a back-breaking job that would have taken me five or six times as long.

— My dear neighbor brought over a dozen fantastic, fresh country eggs, laid by her very own hens, who’ve been on a laying rampage lately. What feasting we will have!

— And best of all, I read on Facebook about a lady who came home to find a surprise at her door — a mysterious someone had left a gift for her. It was a door ornament with beautiful hummingbirds that said “Welcome Friends.” Through sleuthing and questions, she found out who the mystery donor was — a good friend — and thanked her. Why did she bring the gift? Just to brighten her friend’s day.

What a world. What a WONDERFUL world!!!

By Susan Darst Williams | | Heart Lessons | © 2017