If it’s awfully cold out and you’re looking for something active to do inside on a blustery day, make a volleyball court out of the largest room in your building or home! All you need is a long piece of white yarn, duct tape, and a couple of large white balloons, blown up.


Push tables and chairs out of the way. Stretch out the yarn in the middle as your “net.” Secure to the wall on both ends with duct tape.


Pick teams based on wacky considerations: those who like snowballs vs. those who like icicles . . . or those who love winter vs. those who don’t . . . or those who like penguins vs. those who like polar bears . . . have fun with it!


Blow up and tie a white balloon and call it the “snowflake,” or ball. Make sure to have two or three extras on hand just in case.


The rules are similar to regular volleyball EXCEPT it’s awfully hard to get a balloon across a net from the back with just one hit. So go ahead and let the server stand right next to the net.


After the serve, each side gets five touches instead of three to get the snowflake back over the net.


As with regular volleyball, if it hits the ground, that’s a point for the other team. No sense having an “out of bounds” in this game, since your space is likely to be pretty cramped as it is.


If you touch the yarn, that’s a point for the other team, too.


Play the best three out of five games. Play to a score of 21 unless you get to the fifth game, and both teams have won two. Then the championship game ends at 15 points. Remember, in each game, you have to score two points more than the other team to win.


Spike that snowflake, and have fun!