As we start fresh with a new President, new Cabinet, new advisors, and soon, a new mix on the Supreme Court, let’s try something else that’s so new, it’s old:

Let’s separate school from State!

This guy, Jacob G. Hornberger, makes a very good case for why we should:

President Trump’s most passionate moment in his forceful inaugural speech was that we have to do a much, much better job of providing equal opportunity in our inner cities and other high-poverty places. Getting the federal education bureaucracy off the backs of local educators might well be the way to do it. We are close to nationally standardizing curriculum and instruction, despite having seen from the Soviets, the Japanese, the Germans, and many other places, that that is not good.

Of course, if K-12 education were de-federalized, federal tax dollars would still flow to school districts — but directly, in block-grant fashion, rather than with so many unfunded mandates, levels of bureaucracy, and onerous strings attached. This way, local educators would have much more flexibility and leeway to try the creative, individualized, localized ways of reaching kids that make all the difference.

The American Way calls for good schools for ALL. Let’s put parents, teachers and taxpayers in charge, instead of educrats. Let’s give it a go!