I was cleaning last night. WAS, TOO! While peeking at the basketball game and going through piles of old mail and magazines, I came upon an article from last October. It is prophetic and instructive for today’s controversy over whether we should let so many Middle Eastern refugees in, as well as so many illegal immigrants.

The author is Edward J. Erler, professor emeritus of political science at California State University, San Bernardino. He is an expert in both the Constitution and civil rights. He co-authored the book, “The Founders on Citizenship and Immigration.” He went back and got the scoop from the horses’ mouths — what our founders intended and envisioned. Guess what? It isn’t what the notably left-wing 9th Circuit judges from San Francisco attempted to ordain yesterday, in blocking President Trump’s immigration “timeout” from Syria and six other terrorist-supporting nations which are such basket cases that they can’t vet refugees and immigrants.



His article, “Who We Are As a People: The Syrian Refugee Question,” concludes that the Left is trying to force this nation to substitute the Left’s subjective, amoral values for adherence to the Constitution. This is because the Left no longer heeds the moral and social principles of the American founding as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Why don’t they? Because they have drop-kicked God — the One Who gave us those moral and social principles. Instead of Judeo-Christian principles guiding right and wrong, they are value-free relativists: all value judgments or preferences are of equal value and validity.

Whoa! I think he’s right.

Bottom line: the Left thinks “who we are as a nation” is to show that their idea of what constitutes “diversity” and “tolerance” is more important than the clear principles of right and wrong expressed in our Constitution, and what we need to maintain our national security. Erler calls that “a self-willed delusion.”


— WHY THE LEFT IGNORES THE LAWLESSNESS AND DANGER. Why can’t left-wing people in the U.S. recognize the misery of the refugee crisis in Europe and realize they would be bringing that here if we don’t enforce our immigration and refugee laws? We can’t vet them, and we don’t have anywhere near enough Homeland Security agents to watch out for us with the terrorists who are already here. That portends still more government monitoring of the American people, to “keep us safe.” So we are forced to give up even more of our liberties in order to have that security, nudged even further into an administrative state like the European Union, and then to a police state. It amounts to committing national suicide. Why don’t these judges and many left-wing political leaders see the clear and present danger to American citizens because so many of these unvetted refugees are probably terrorists, and many refugees are hostile to the American way of life and want to destroy us as a nation? That’s because the Lefties think they live in a “post-America” world. They want us to surrender American sovereignty. They want to force us into a borderless world with global governance.

— IT IS MORE CHRISTIAN TO SAVE LIVES THAN TO PUT LIVES AT RISK DELIBERATELY. Doesn’t putting the clamps on refugees from those seven countries constitute an ugly, heartless, selfish, un-American, un-Christian thumb-our-nose attitude toward people in misery? Ask yourself this: then why are our political leaders ignoring the much-worse terrorism against Middle Eastern Christian people (100,000 killed just for their faith, including many beheaded, crucified, drowned, burned in arsons, etc.), and Yazidis, the Kurdish people on the Syria-Iraq border who are neither Christian nor Muslim and are targeted for vicious wipeout by ISIS) . . . while bending over backwards to import so many Muslim people, who have not faced such astounding terrorism from ISIS and the other terrorist groups there? According to the Pew Research Center, in fiscal year 2016, 99% of the 12,587 refugees from Syria admitted into the U.S. were Muslim, while only 1% were Christian. How can this be happening? Here’s what’s insane: the Left doesn’t think it gets any “brownie points” by admitting people who present no danger to the United States; Syrian Christians and the Yazidi people wouldn’t hurt a flea. But the Left only feels self-satisfied if they put Americans at risk in order to “prove” this nation’s commitment to “tolerance” by letting in so many dangerous people.

— OPEN BORDERS ARE FOOLISH AND IRRATIONAL. What’s wrong with wanting to put national security above being nice to needy refugees? Isn’t clinging to your nationality and keeping your nation’s borders secure an outdated idea, full of xenophobia, the unreasonable fear of foreigners and strangers? Well, no. Notice the word “unreasonable” in that definition.It is certainly “reasonable” to fear people coming in to this country willy-nilly, and those seven nations in the Trump “timeout” all have little or no government (except Iran, which is totalitarian and super-hateful of America). With no infrastructure, there is no vetting. Everyone acknowledges that it is possible that a few terrorists are going to slip in, either through refugee arrivals, or over our porous borders. It is actually more “unreasonable” to look the other way at those hazards.

— UNDERMINE AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP & UNDERMINE AMERICAN FREEDOM. If the Left gets its way on this, then non-American citizens would have the same rights as bona fide American citizens. American citizenship would thus become irrelevant. But here’s the rub: as Erler puts it, “a world without borders is a world without citizens, and a world without citizens is a world without the rights and privileges that attach exclusively to citizenship. Rights and liberties exist only in separate and independent nations; they are the exclusive preserve of the nation-state.” That’s why there’s a refugee crisis in Europe: those people are governed by the European Union, not a Constitution. Unelected bureaucrats call the shots following their predetermined agenda. Under a Constitution, the government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed. If we “cave” to open borders, we lose those liberties associated with citizenship.

— NO REASON NOT TO SET UP REFUGEE CAMPS CLOSER TO THEIR HOMES. It certainly makes more sense to do what Trump and others have suggested: set up security zones in Syria or other Middle Eastern countries for refugees could find safety now, and a cost-effective return to their homeland when the shooting has stopped. That way, nearby nations could take the lead in financing their care, with U.S. support, of course. It is extremely telling that the Left doesn’t want to do that. By shipping refugees to the U.S., it’s an “out of sight, out of mind” pass for the nearby, oil-rich nations. What’s the sense of that? Because it doesn’t have the utility to the Left of forcing us to accept the anonymous refugees (and certainly many terrorists), to disrupt us, threaten us and make trouble. This way, they get a two-fer: they get to know that they know better than God when it comes to right and wrong . . . and they get to seize more power and control away from the people and shift it to the State, when things inevitably go south.

So . . . those who accept the lawlessness and danger of unvetted refugees from terrorist hotbeds, and looking the other way as illegal immigration flaunts our laws and drives us to the poorhouse, actually think they are doing something GOOD and BRAVE.

It would be just as insane to let them do it.