It will be interesting to see how many people turn out for the March For Life this Friday in Washington, D.C., with several dozen local marches in other cities around the country.

Doesn’t look like Omaha is listed, but Lincoln had its march on Jan. 14 and drew more than 5,000 people on a very cold day.

It’ll also be interesting to see if the signs, costumes and chants are G-rated or X-rated, compared to the so-called Women’s March last Saturday. Take a guess! Ha!

In discussing abortion rights with some kooky, mixed-up lefties last week, since Saturday’s March was all about pushing for abortion, which I totally oppose, I was trying to remember some facts and figures from the very good book, “ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments” by Randy Alcorn. So I got it out.

If you run in to any kooky, mixed-up pro-choicers in the coming days, remember to be nice, but lay some of these factoids on ’em from pp. 65-66. I didn’t know about these. They are fun! For example:

— At conception, the genetic information stored in the brand-new individual is the equivalent of 50 times the amount of information contained in the Encyclopedia Britannica. (So if it’s just a “blob of tissue” being aborted in the early weeks, that’s a heck of a complex blob.)

— A single thread of DNA from a human cell contains information equivalent to a library of 1,000 volumes, or 600,000 printed pages with 500 words on a page. (Again, the “coding” for the new human being is a wowser, and no one could deny the incredible complexity, though small in size.)

— The heart starts to beat by 21 days. (So, it is argued, if we declare someone dead when the heart activity has stopped, why shouldn’t we declare them alive, and therefore lawfully protected from murder, when the heart starts beating? If not before?)

— By 30 days’ gestation, the unborn child has multiplied in size 10,000 times. She has a brain and blood is flowing through her veins.

— According to research that Alcorn cites, by Day 42, an unborn baby can feel pain, well before the earliest abortions take place.

— At 6 1/2 weeks, before many women even realize they are pregnant, the unborn baby already has a mouth with lips, an early tongue, and buds for 20 milk teeth.

— By nine weeks, a child will bend fingers around an object placed in the palm, is sucking his thumb, and can do a somersault, backflip and scissor kick.

— By 11 weeks, she smiles.

— By 12 weeks, he can make a fist, bend his wrists and open his mouth.

— That’s the first three months. For the next six months in the womb nothing new develops or begins functioning. The child only grows and matures.