On a recent trip to New Zealand we went on a jetboat ride on the scenic Waikato River near Huka Falls north of a big blue marvel, Lake Taupo.


The driver roared over the Nga Awa Purua Rapids in his 500-hp Chevy V8 engine to the base of a gorgeous waterfall. He told us it had been the scene of the famous barrel fight in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” Remember?




I know, I know: movies aren’t real. There are no elves, dwarves and orcs. You can’t shoot an arrow with one foot standing on one guy’s head and the other foot standing on another guy’s head while you’re all bobbing downstream on rapids inside wine barrels.


But here’s what got me: that 7-minute scene in the movie made those rapids look miles long. In reality, they are only about 100 feet in length. Obviously, a lot of computer graphics and film magic had been employed.


Fake! The rapids in the movie were fake!


No! Duh!


It was a spiritual step forward, in a funny way. It struck me that lots of times, we have an exaggerated picture of Satan’s power – we think evil is a lot more overpowering and unconquerable than it really is. But then we find out that it’s not! (Isaiah 14:10-21)


Meanwhile, we often picture God’s power in mini form, like a splash or two – when in reality, it’s like endless waterfalls and rapids! And what horsepower is HIS jetboat? Big enough to give us all a ride for all eternity!


By Susan Darst Williams | www.TheDailySusan.com | Travel Bug | © 2017