A huge thank you to friends old and new who came to my first book signing this past weekend at Parables in Omaha. As a result of the increased revenues from Saturday, the bookstore owners are retiring in style, buying a yacht, etc. — JUST KIDDING! — but they did say it was a success and invited me back!

“Radiant Beams” will continue to be available at Parables along with www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com. I hope to get it into a few more bookstores and to start selling it from this very website in the near future.

So thanks again, all of you who came out to support me and help me spread the word about these 100 stories. Gosh, it was great.

But this was the greatest moment:

One of my friends who is very fashion-forward and barely a day over 40 complimented my mother, who is in her 80s, also a longtime fashion plate. She had come from another event and was dressed up. We were standing in a big group of people at the book signing.

“Gee, Mrs. Darst,” my friend said, “I so admire your jacket, and your scarf, and your pin, and your beautiful purse. You really look put together beautifully today.”

Without missing a beat, my mom struck a pose and uttered this quick comeback, to much laughter:

“Yes, but you haven’t seen my UNDERWEAR!!!!”

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