So . . . what did the big marches and protests over the weekend accomplish? Did they make anyone’s life better? Did they increase the unity and peace in this nation? Did they create success, understanding, self-fulfillment, dignity and productivity?

Not exactly. And I think they have added to an overall feeling of angst, anxiety and aggravation among Americans.

Rx: kiddie lit! There’s no better moral guidance in the world, outside the Bible.

Whenever there’s a big problem in society, the answer is usually found in one of those beloved old stories that we all know, but seldom model our actions upon.

Today’s offering is “The Little Red Hen.” You know: the hen finds grain, and asks three barnyard buddies to help her harvest it, thresh it, grind it into flour, and bake it into bread. But none of them will lift a finger UNTIL the loaf is baked. Then, there are all kinds of volunteers to “pitch in” and help her eat the bread.

Nooooo. The hen has wised up. She “hogs” the whole loaf for herself and her chicks.

That’s a bit of character education for both sides of the fence, politically, these days — both those who support President Trump, and those who don’t.

Lessons: don’t be lazy or you won’t get any goodies. And also: don’t stop doing productive things just because others won’t do them with you.

On the other hand, there are lessons about how you respond to stress and threats, too. The Little Red Hen kept plugging away, and won, in the end.

Apparently, a lot of left-wing-oriented people have been anxious and obsessing about President Trump, and suffering insomnia and so forth. Now, irrational worrying about catastrophes never got anybody anywhere. But what did they do about their angst? Nothing even as productive as baking a loaf of bread. They “marched.” As it turns out, most of them took very few steps. They kind of . . . “stood.”

If the protestors were really all that fearful about the future, they should have taken action to try to shape that future more to their liking. That doesn’t mean standing in the streets, hollering. That means employing their time, money and efforts into actions that would be more productive and helpful for the health, education and welfare of their fellow Americans, instead of all the dumb and pointless attention-grabbing stuff they did.

They could pray the Serenity Prayer. They could pray to God, for that matter. They could talk about their angst with their friends until they’ve expressed themselves adequately and privately, and can find peace. They can recommit to exercise, or a hobby, or a work project.

Or best of all, they can bake bread like The Little Red Hen! It’s great for aggression, to punch that dough!