I babysat my granddaughter, The Precious, today. She is nearly 1. We had a wonderful time. She is doing so many fun, new things: pointing, saying “uh oh!” and kissing her stuffed animals and rocking them in her arms.

Today, I sat at the kitchen table working on some papers while she played quietly underneath. The kitchen chairs are solid wood. So when I suddenly made a . . . well, a . . . toot . . . it reverberated loudly off the wooden seat. I was embarrassed.

Then I peeked under the table. There was The Precious, grinning triumphantly . . . and POINTING at me.

Will have to mark that down for the near future. Honey, you can laugh. You can point. But you should never do both at the same time, unless you want Grandma to burst her girdle laughing.

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