Follow-up to the story of the Hypocrisy Follies in the Nebraska Legislature, with State Sen. Ernie Chambers a ringleader of the vicious drumming out of the Legislature of his fellow elected representative, conservative Sen. Bill Kintner of Papillion.


State Sen. Ernie Chambers of North Omaha  

Soon-to-be former State Sen. Bill Kintner of Papillion

I need to clarify that Sens. Chambers, Bob Krist and Adam Morfeld were including the 2015 cybersex scandal, that Kintner paid a $1,000 fine to (he hoped) atone for and end, in their expulsion claims against Kintner. Their move to oust him wasn’t limited to a dumb retweet of an offensive joke about women marchers that Kintner impulsively made. (Kintner illegally used his state-issued computer to engage in mutual masturbation with, apparently, an extortionist; reported it, paid the fine, and so far this legislative session, it looked to have been put behind everyone.)


There have been other actions by Kintner that have inflamed some senators against him. But it is clear that Kintner’s two offenses that would have been put up to an expulsion vote are extremely tame in terms of damage to Kintner’s district, the state and the country, compared to the reasons other politicians have been expelled in this country: treason, bribery, financial corruption, etc.


Right before our eyes, other politicians are getting away with incredible misdeeds such as thousands of destroyed evidentiary emails and use of a charitable foundation for private financial gain. There were outrages to the public dignity aplenty in the public marches last weekend with human vulvas parading around, threats made against the President, f-bombs and sanitary napkins tossed to and fro, etc. Most people find these actions by the Left’s people far, far more debauching to the dignity of the Republic and the public’s sensibilities than Kintner’s private cybersex mistake and his ill-advised retweet.


Seems to me most people still believe that, unless they pose a clear and present danger, are hurting people or stealing money, the things an elected official does should be subject to his or her own constituency. The voters should decide a politician’s fate the natural way: by re-electing, or rejecting, that politician, next election cycle. It is not right to have someone ejected by the political thought police . . . in this case, thought police who were his fellow senators, but liberals, who’d clashed often with him on bills, and wanted him and his conservative stances out of their way.


Sure looks like a selfish political vendetta.


One “innocent bystander” state senator said, wisely, that our state representatives and leaders need to be “above reproach.” True that, of course, with a little grace, mercy and forgiveness sprinkled in.


Of the Kintner gaffes, she said, “This has gone on long enough.” The hubbub was interfering with the ability of the Legislature to get things done, in other words.


All right. I can buy that reasoning, too.


But here’s what I can’t buy: the sheer hypocrisy of letting Sen. Chambers continue to make outrageous statements far worse than anything Sen. Kintner ever said, while at the same time the legislative district he has represented for more than 40 years, North Omaha, is like Mordor from Tolkien’s tales: going down in flames, and people trapped. By most indicators, Kintner’s district in Papillion is fine. Chambers’? It is probably the most troubled in the state. Consider:


— North Omaha has the highest concentration of poverty, unemployment and crime in the state. Poverty, unemployment and crime come from substandard education. Most people think education quality would be greatly improved with more school options for inner-city children and youth. Yet Chambers has been one of the biggest foes of school choice in the Legislature. Consequently, only about one in five children is proficient in both math and language in his district, according to standardized tests. Their prospects for opportunities and success are significantly dimmed as a result.


— That opens up the area to crime and hopelessness. There are reports of at least 29 gang cliques in Omaha. In recent years, one headline declared Omaha to be “The Most Dangerous Place in America to be Black” with a black homicide rate double the national average for black homicide rates, and far higher than the white homicide rate. Police calls into North Omaha are ceaseless, and a white woman officer, new mother Kerrie Orozco, was shot and killed by a black suspect in 2015; meanwhile, Chambers spews hatred, foments distrust, and threatens violence at the police in public remarks frequently, without penalty. The unemployment rate in North Omaha has been pegged at 25%, vs. 2.7% for the rest of the state. The abortion rate, rate of single motherhood, rate of sexually-transmitted diseases, and many other measurements in the “Misery Index” are much worse in North Omaha than elsewhere in Nebraska.


— Largely because of the sobering underachievement of the high schools in the North Omaha area, Nebraska has the second worst graduation rate of black males in the country. Nebraska’s black 8th graders did the worst in the nation in math on a recent National Assessment of Educational Progress. The number of black students receiving Advanced Placement college credits or enrolled in higher-level math and science courses is slim to none in most North Omaha high schools. Meanwhile, 85% of the teenagers who come into the criminal justice system are functionally illiterate despite thousands upon thousands of dollars spent on them in the public schools. Yet Chambers blocks innovation and options.


(Sources include — others available on request)


Dear State Senators who keep protecting Sen. Chambers, who has failed for more than 40 years to advance his district, while bullying another state senator with a fairly successful district right out of his elected position simply because of personal gaffes and misjudgments:


Is the glaringly different treatment of these two elected officials and their constituencies “above reproach”?


Are the consequences of Chambers’ “leadership” in North Omaha “above reproach”?


Hasn’t this “gone on long enough”???


If the “thought police” can drive Kintner out because he detracts from your dignity and ability to conduct business in the Legislature, don’t the residents of North Omaha deserve your same diligence and consistent compassion for their futures?


Also want to list the “Erniegrams” – things that have offended people that Sen. Chambers has said, without consequences from his colleagues, and this is just a partial list – to underscore the hypocrisy of putting up with all of Chambers’ “mountains” over the years while knee-jerking over Kintner’s “molehills”:




Nebraska police are like ISIS to black people:


If he had a gun, he would shoot a police officer: “shoot first and ask questions later”:


If he were a white man, he would mow down his fellow state senators with a semiautomatic;


Compilation of quotes, including: “Black people are the handy scapegoats for everything wrong in this country, so they kill us all the day long. If Black people obtain the upper hand they should do the same to White people”:


Mutilated rosaries by cutting off the head of Jesus Christ:


His district has the highest rate of black homicides in the nation:


“All white people are racists”:


“She will have to get her ecstasy some other way, maybe with a vibrator. I doubt she can get a man.”

Chambers speaking of Nebraska Assistant Attorney General Sharon Lindgren; from the book, “Beyond the Double Bind: Women and Leadership” —


(Goes to leadership in his own family: Chambers’ own son was homeless and found shot):


Sued God frivolously and wasted untold time:


More time-wasting in the Legislature (not even counting the obsessions over mountain lion and prairie dog bills, while his own constituents were in dire need of legislative attention):