THE PROUD GRANDFATHER loved talking with his first grandchild. She was a precious little blonde with a deep dimple in one cheek, just like his. She was 2½. She had the entire family wrapped around her little finger. Especially Grandpa.

One day, Grandpa was talking on the phone. The little girl listened. He was answering some survey questions.

When he hung up, his tiny granddaughter asked, “Grandpa, are you a ‘Publican?” She had heard him describe his conservative political leanings.

“Yes, I am,” he answered. Then he asked her:

“So, tell me. Are YOU a ‘Publican, too?”

She looked left. She looked right. Then she gazed right up at him, and with a big smile, said:

“Nope. I’m a SHORT.”


Excerpted from the forthcoming book, The Elderberries

By Susan Darst Williams • • The Elderberries Vol. I • © 2016