Over spring break, we visited a lovely city in a warm climate. A highlight for our teenage daughter and me was an afternoon in a very lovely spa. The prices were shocking. So we chose the cheapest “treatment” available — a facial. That meant we could spend as much time as we wished lolling around the spa all afternoon, using the amenities and pretending to be jet setters.

We jacuzzi’ed. We steam-showered. We sauna’ed. It was heavenly, in our thick white robes and luxurious spa towels.

At the end of our time, I went to the bank of marble sinks to wash my hands. In the mirror I could see the female half of an entire wedding party on benches just a few feet away. They were comforting the emotional bride, whose tears belied her excitement. Her mother and a few other women I took to be aunts tut-tut’ed over all the beautiful bridesmaids and the bride, there for an all-day beauty treatment extravaganza. In typical unromantic fashion, the calculator in my brain went “ching-ching,” figuring out how much they must be spending for all those spa-goers.

But, faker that I am, I pretended not to be awed, and smiled benevolently at them in the mirror with my best jet-setter smile. Full of pride, I portrayed myself as being a swell just like them, and went back to washing my hands with what I thought was glamour, style and sophistication.

Ooh! What a refreshing, minty aroma! This is great hand soap! I’ll get some more. It really is quite bracing and minty. . . .

Just then, I caught their faces in the mirror, staring at me in part horror, part amusement.

I looked at what they were looking at:

The hand soap was actually MOUTHWASH!!!!!!!

Doo Dah! Doo Dah!!!

We all got a good laugh out of it. That was the end of my attempt to be someone I’m not. No more putting on airs in the swank spa . . . even if those airs WERE minty fresh.

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

— Proverbs 16:18

By Susan Darst Williams | www.TheDailySusan.com | Heart Lessons | © 2017