Four Omaha men were in Phoenix last weekend on a golf trip. They got to one course quite a bit ahead of their tee time, ready to practice. They were at the desk in the pro shop when an agitated, intense man and five others burst in.

They were claiming that they had two tee times for three players each, scheduled in just a few minutes. But the golf shop did not have that reservation on the tee sheet, which was full of other names.

The young assistant pro courteously explained the problem to the agitated man. The pro offered alternatives like splitting up into two and four, or taking time slots much later in the day. But the man just became more irate, more insistent on teeing off, more insulting, and more explosively angry, to the point where our Omaha observers thought he was going to choke the young pro.

One of the Omahans kindly stepped in. “Sir, you can take OUR tee time,” he offered. “We can come back this afternoon.”

Not even that was good enough for the angry man. He stalked off in a huff.

Shaking their heads, our mild-mannered Omahans went out to the practice tee. All of a sudden, here came the young pro, all smiles, giving them free golf hats and golf balls, thanking them for their courtesy and patience. Later, out on the course, here came the beer cart — drinks on the house.

KEEP CALM, KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN, AND WORK ON YOUR SWING. It goes for golf as well as life!