Help your child set a clear goal for a New Year’s resolution. Then help him or her measure success in a tangible way.

How? Easy. Just go to the bank before the Jan. 1 holiday and get a few rolls of dimes.

Give your child a Mason jar or other clear container with a blank label. Guide him or her to pick just one goal for the year. Make it easily measurable, every day. Examples:

  • Read a new book outside of class assignments for a half-hour every day.
  • Give up candy, but eat a whole piece of fruit every day.
  • Spend 5 minutes a day straightening up your room and bathroom.
  • Write and deliver an encouraging short note or email every day to a different friend, family member, classmate, neighbor, police/fire/health care hero, crime victim you read about in the news, etc. (use the media as a resource).
  • Work a Sudoku or other math puzzle every day.
  • Read one chapter of the Bible and pray, every night.

Once your child has selected the goal, write it on the blank label on the jar.

Then, every night, when you come to tuck your child into bed at night (yes, you keep that up even into their teen years!), ask if the child met the goal for that day. If so, drop a dime into the jar. If not, no dime.

It’s pretty thrilling to watch those dimes add up. Your child will have made a healthy new habit without much stress at all.

It may add up only to $36.50 by the end of the year. But those thin dimes will make a thick impression!

By Susan Darst Williams     Vitamin Mom     © 2017