I was headed for one of those Pinterest Fails. You know, you see something creative and crafty on that darling online scrapbook. But then when you try to make it yourself, you get deranged blobs.

Well, I saw these adorable snowmen made out of little powdered sugar doughnuts on Pinterest, and just HAD to try to make them for gifts for last night. I needed something to stick the decorations on. Maybe white frosting or gel?

So I braved the Wally World parking lot and made a beeline to the bakery aisle. On the way, I saw rows and rows of lovely Christmas turkeys, hams and roasts . . . plentiful fruits and vegetables . . . a huge stack of holiday cookie tins . . . shelves stocked to the ceiling . . .

. . . and then I got to the bakery aisle . . .


Stripped of merchandise by canny shoppers who’d beaten me to the punch! There was not a single container of frosting left. There were no sprinkles. There were no silver balls. There wasn’t a single tube of decorative gel left, except for deep blue. Pinterest Fail, here I come!

“Oh, no, there’s nothing left but blue!” I complained.

How can I make adorable doughnut snowmen with BLUE gel?!?!? Pretend they are the Blue Snowman Group?!? I’ll have to forget this idea. But if I abort mission now, what on Earth was left in the house to give as gifts tonight? Roofing tile and caulking compound?!?

I could feel the anxiety rise into my throat and threaten to snatch my peace.

Then, miraculously, the shopper next to me spoke.

“You can make your own,” she said, encouragingly. “You take two egg whites, two teaspoons of water and an eighth of a teaspoon of cream of tartar, and beat into a froth. Then you add 3 1/2 cups of powdered sugar, and beat some more. Voila!”

My jaw dropped. I had all that stuff at home. I was saved! My nerves were nearly beat into a froth, but not now! I stared at her with fascination and delight as if she were an angel from heaven. “How did you have that memorized?”

“I’m a cake decorator,” she explained. “That’s how we attach decorations to the sides of wedding cakes and so forth.”

The LAWD will pro-VIDE. Hallelujah!

Turns out she was in that same aisle in dismay because she couldn’t find any cookie tins. She had her mother and sister over at her house filling cookie orders from her customers but they had nothing to put them in for delivery.

“Follow me!” I commanded, joyful and triumphant. I led her to the huge stack of holiday cookie tins I had seen on the way in to the store.

We parted, both happy.

And that’s life in the Lord. That’s going with the flow. That’s rising above stress and anxiety because He always comes through for you, one way or another. Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus.

That’s the Christmas story. And boy, is it sweet!