There’s a house for sale up the street. My neighbor, who was the very first homeowner in our neighborhood, remembers when it was under construction. It was to be a showhouse of colonial style to mark the American Bicentennial in 1976.

Her friend was the builder. He asked her to research colonial gardens, and plant one to go with the house. It was a colorful and gracious highlight, featuring lovely herbs such as sweet clary, pictured here.

The colonial herb garden is not there any more, sad to say. But what a fun idea for a garden, combining American history with some bee- and butterfly-friendly herbs that people would enjoy growing today. It would be a good garden for a school or for a patriotic grandmother to share with children.

Think about creating a colonial herb garden this spring. You can even go out and weed it in a Pilgrim hat! (Just kidding!)

Here are some suggestions:

By Susan Darst Williams | | Cre8iviT | (c) 2017