Babysat my granddaughter and grand-Lab today. The baby is just beginning to crawl. She will take a toy in her hand and slam it on the wood floor across the room to sit up for a second. Then she will leave the toy there and go get another. So the house is peppered with little baby toys hither, thither and yon.

While she napped, I was picking up the toys and putting them in the baskets when I stared for a long time at this one.

“Donald Trump has licensed his ‘brand’ as a BABY TOY?!?! He was just inaugurated and he’s already leveraging his newfound fame in the commercial marketplace? That was fast!”

Gets worse: nooo, it isn’t a baby toy. It’s a DOG TOY!!!

I don’t think it’s an authentic Trump knockoff; just looks like him. But the lefties’ dogs would no doubt LOVE to chew on President Trump as much as their masters and mistresses do.