The 80-somethings at “the home” have a new sport: chair volleyball.


About a dozen of them sit on each side of a net, all in chairs. They use a nice, soft beach ball. It doesn’t matter how many times your “side” needs to hit it, to get it over the net. It’s usually far more than three.


Hilarity ensues.


Although they (thankfully) eschewed those super short-short volleyball shorts, a couple of these oldie chair volleyballers have been seen to use Band-aids to tape their two middle fingers together, just like star high school or college volleyball players.


In fact, they confess, it is so much darned fun, and they laugh so darned much, they all have to wear Depends.


But gee whiz! That’s not exercise! You don’t even have to get out of your chair!


Yes, we do, they protest. We have to go up and get our TROPHIES!

By Susan Darst Williams • • The Elderberries Vol. III • © 2018


BIBLE QUICKIE: The term “elders” does not always mean those who have attained old age, in the Bible. As long ago as the times of Moses, the “elders” of groups of people were those who led, governed or represented the people. In the New Testament, the role of the elders expanded to ministering to the sick and teaching the scriptures. Age was often, but not always, the reason for the granting of seniority by reason of age. See 1 Tim. 5:2, 17 and 1 Peter 5:5.