This works really well for kids, but it’s tremendous fun with grown-ups, especially hard-working moms and dads who NEVER get a Saturday morning adventure.


Plan a Saturday morning “breakfast kidnap party.” It may or may not be to mark someone’s birthday. You might want to enlist a partner or co-host to make it run smoothly and include more party-goers. Make a guest list to fit how many people you can get in your cars.


You might want to invite whole families, or perhaps just aunts, uncles and cousins, or all girlfriends, or all boyfriends – whatever grouping you think would be fun.


Call ahead to your party guests’ families two weeks in advance, secretly, to make sure each guest will be able to come and that someone will let you into the house early on the Saturday morning you’ve chosen. For single mothers, you may have to get devious: think ahead for child-care backup and secretly ask Grandma to invite the grandkids to spend Friday night and Saturday morning with her.


Then, at 6 a.m. on the Saturday of the kidnap party, in your jammies, start picking up your party guests. You can even bring New Year’s Eve style party hats and noisemakers just to make it the biggest surprise possible. Their families will have fun meeting you at the door and running to the bedroom shouting, “We want (the person’s name)!” over and over. This will roust your surprised guest out of bed and into your car.


They will still be in pajamas with no chance to comb hair or brush teeth, though you CAN allow a quick restroom stop and grabbing a robe and slippers is OK.


At the next house, both of you should go in to pick up the next party-goer. Plan your route so that the most enthusiastic person is the first one you pick up so that the excitement and fun will build and more and more people will be coming into that bedroom for this early-morning surprise. Even the grumpiest half-asleep night owl will enjoy such an unusual wakeup call.


Then go to your favorite breakfast restaurant. Treat everyone to a nice, relaxing and only slightly embarrassing Saturday breakfast. The other restaurant patrons will be doing double-takes at all of you in your jammies, which just adds to the fun. You will be toasting each other with juice and just a few yawns and making a fun new memory of friendship and surprises.

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By Susan Darst Williams | | FUNdamentals | © 2017