United Airlines: overbooked passenger gets bloodied and dragged off the plane unconscious.

Southwest Airlines: overbooked passenger gets a most lovely check for $975 and is delayed only three hours, during which time his little friends picked him up to go to a sports bar and watch Sweet Sixteen games.

The latter overbooked passenger was none other than my Beloved. We went to Phoenix over spring break but he was politely bumped¬†at the Omaha airport. This meant that I was inconvenienced, too, because I went ahead on the flight and had to cool my heels for three hours at Sky Harbor ’til he could catch up.

But for $325 an hour, we were more than fine with it . . . it covered a few extras on our vacation and then some . . . and it was good PR for Southwest.

United, better fly some friendlier skies, y’hear?