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You’ve heard of the DeanDome and the SuperDome. Well, when Maddy used to tell stories, this house became . . . the RanDome.

At about age 5, she was dictating Valentine’s Day epics to go with her original artwork of red and pink painted hearts, glitter and stickers. Formula romance, a genre that works well this time of year. You know: two blobs fall in love and get married; one blob gets trapped in a cage but finds a heart key and gets out; to celebrate, the young lover-blobs go to the playground together. Epic!

My favorite was the saga of Jack and Daisy. Jack is a monster and Daisy is an alien. Jack has one eye and eight noses. Though we’re spared details of Daisy’s visage and fashion choices, she must’ve worn some swell alien perfume, if Jack had eight noses and all. The story’s dramatic peak: everyone else is afraid of them. But they’re not afraid of each other. They fall in love and walk home. The End.

If that’s not an allegory for every love story I’ve ever heard. . . .

BIBLE QUICKIE: There are numerous different words in the Bible translated as “love.” The most common one in the Old Testament is the Hebrew word ahab (aw hab), to have affection for, sexually or otherwise: often refers to the love of a friend. In the New Testament, a biggie is agape (ag ah pay), which refers to love in the sense of affection or benevolence, connoting charity and dearness. That’s the word in the famous verse, 1 John 4:8, that assures us: “God is love.”

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