Just back from a Christmas trip to New Zealand. Loved the country and the “chipper” people we met.

Because of a luggage snafu, our bags sat at LAX for nearly half of our trip. Before they caught up with us, my Beloved had a golf round scheduled at The Kinloch Club, a swank course on Lake Taupo in the center of the north island. What could he wear? No worries! The pro let him play in his bluejeans. It was a “wow” experience.

Speaking of luggage snafus, the pro told us about the day he emigrated from London to New Zealand. En route, he stopped in Hong Kong for a day or two before continuing to New Zealand to start his new job at Kinloch.

But at the airport baggage claim in Hong Kong, the young pro’s huge duffel bag never showed up. He had crammed every stitch of clothing he owned into it. Where could it be?

Just then, an airline employee beckoned him into a room. There was his duffel! But it had a huge, long gash in the side. Everything he had packed in it was gone EXCEPT for one “trainer” (athletic shoe). There it was, in the corner of the enormous bag.

What came next turned the golf pro from a state of shock to a fit of laughter. The airline employee asked: “Is anything missing?”

Is anything . . . ?!?!

The pro filled out a loss report. After quite a while, he eventually got a new wardrobe. Now he loves being a Kiwi golf pro, husband and father with a beautiful lakeside lifestyle. And he loves having a funny story to tell about how he moved all the way to New Zealand with only one trainer to his name.

The moral of the story is: “Despise not the day of small beginnings” (Zechariah 4:10a) — because what you think is “an unplayable lie” may turn out to be the best round of your life!