We have a huge generation gap going in this household. My Beloved and I intend to buy a retirement home in the great Southwest. Our daughter, who will be a senior next year and is basically a hipster, has had to listen about what we want in that winter home, especially “ranch decor” — the rustic, desert-y, western look. Not exactly her vibe.

Well, yesterday I found on Pinterest a photo of a really cool bedspread with about 24 big quilt squares, each featuring a cattle brand. I have always loved brands. They are western works of art.

So, in the car yesterday, I told our teenager about the quilt. “It would look really neat in our retirement home. It has all kinds of brands!” I exulted.

She was silent. Then she asked, “Geez, Mom. Brans? What kind of a bedspread would have brans on it?”

WHAT?!?! “Not brans . . . bran-D-s! Like you put on cattle, or on your ranch sign!!! Not bran CEREALS!”

I know she thinks we’re old. But does she think we are celebrating our regularity already, by commemorating bran cereals on a quilt?!?

Then we both started laughing. Imagine a lovely retirement home with a bedspread with these quilt squares:


Then you might as well add quilt squares with a walker . . . a hearing aid . . . Depends. . . .

Now we were getting silly! But that’s the fun thing about a retirement home. You can be as silly as you want in decorating it. People will just chalk it up to you being an old age weirdo . . . and if the cowboy boot fits. . . .

By Susan Darst Williams | www.TheDailySusan.com | Family Funnies | © 2017